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Proof of payment

       It never hurts us to always be on the lookout for fraud on the internet, especially fraud about online stores. This sometimes makes us anxious and afraid because it is very detrimental if we lose money but do not get the goods we want. Therefore always be careful in choosing an Online Store. It is very difficult to build customer confidence, it is also felt by the "Cocodut" shop. But with Hard Work and always trying to provide the best service, there are now some customers who trust shopping for products at Cocodut. We thank you for that, We are very happy to serve you all.

       In order to maintain security, the Cocodut site only accepts Payments via Paypal. Besides being safe, the process is also easy besides it can be the safest payment for buyers. Paypal implements a Strong Security system. Where if it is detected that the order has not been sent by the Seller and the Buyer complains, the money will be returned to the Buyer. Likewise if there is a problem with the product, the buyer can get his money back in full. That is the main reason we only provide Payments via Paypal. So far there are no problems and the response of the Buyer is very good (satisfied).

On this page we will include several Proof of Payment or Purchase, hopefully you will not be worried if you order at Cocodut. But if you are still in doubt you should not buy because "Trust is the First". Sorry, in certain cases we closed because it involves Data from Buyers, so it is not possible to Publish, but clearly you can see if this is a Proof of Payment for the "Cocodut" Store.

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